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Title deed

What it is? What does it look like?


TAPU, TAPU - in accordance with the laws of the oveka for a specific property. Turkey has a title system for registration of rights to real estate. This means that the registration of rights to real estate in Turkey is the prerogative of the official guard composition department.


The Cadastral Office of Turkey gives the new owner a title - "TAPU", which means no money no money right. After the conclusion of the purchase and sale transaction, this right cannot be challenged by anyone, including the sale in the aftermath in


TAPU contains full names and photos of the owners, detailed information about the property. All TAPU must have the seal of the Cadastral Administration in the central part and be signed by the State Administration. Photos are certified by the seal and signature of the official.


TAPU terms

1- Your Main Property - Description and location of the object

2-Island No - Lot number

3-DMA² - Square decimeters

4-NA - Hectare

5-District - District, province


7-Dark - Settlement, village



10-Block No - Block number, house number

11-Parcel Floor No - Floor No - Parcel Number

12-Yuzolcumu - Land area

13-Quality - Functions for which the property is currently being used

14-Circuit Mulk - Temporary / fractional ownership

15-Arsa share - Share of proportional ownership of land

16-Independent Section - Property Information

17-Owner - Name(s) of present owner(s)

18-Reason for acquisition - The name of the buyer, the reason for the purchase and sale

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