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Процедура покупки

The process of buying property in Turkey

Property purchase process in Turkey

How is it possible to come to the Republic of Turkey for 3-4 days and leave as the owner of a comfortable residence?

At first glance, such a development may seem unlikely. But let us explain step-by-step the process of buying real estate and issuing property for citizens of Russia, Ukraine and CIS, and in a few days you will find that buying a good house or apartment in Turkey is quite realistic, safe and really easy with our help.

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How is it possible to choose square meters suitable for all parameters abroad? From afar it is practically impossible to do this. The best is to choose a residence on site: to come to Alanya and benefit from the promotional tour services of AYSU Property agency.

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A Russian-speaking manager will greet you at the airport and show you the pre-prepared properties you like, as well as alternative options to suit your individual needs. During the show, the buyer chooses the ideal apartment or dream house by examining all the advantages and features without haste and fuss.

Immediately after the property demonstration, it is possible to negotiate, correct the terms of purchase and sign the contract of sale. The official document is issued in Russian and Turkish. Information such as the seller, the buyer, the schedule of payments (in the case of installments or credits), the rights and obligations of the parties, the delivery times when invested in construction are specified precisely and accurately. In addition, the presence of elements such as furniture, appliances, common areas (infrastructure) in the living complex, criminal sanctions and other legal details for both parties in case of breach of contractual provisions are specified.

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In case the full value is paid for the property, the specialist of AYSU Property company applies for the title deed on behalf of the new owner. Generally, it takes 1-2 business days from the official application to the delivery of the title deed to the property owner. Immediately after the receipt of the TAPU, the registration of electricity and water meters is renewed on your behalf, this process takes 2-3 hours.

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If a home loan is required, you should allow 7-10 business days for the loan application to be approved, as it takes 4-5 days from filing the application to issuing the loan (sometimes it can take longer than expected, for example when it is necessary to discuss a specialist value below the estimated value). Only after this stage, an application is made for TAPU registration and a burden is created on it until the loan debt is fully paid.

The experts of AYSU PROPERTY support you at every stage of the process, collect the necessary documents and you can enjoy shopping from the moment of choosing the property and signing the contract.

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