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Mortgage in Turkey


How so - to come to the Republic of Turkey for 3-4 days and leave as the owner of comfortable housing?

At first glance, such a development of events seems unlikely. However, let us present

step by step the entire algorithm for the purchase and registration of real estate in private ownership for citizens of Russia,

Ukraine and the CIS countries, and you will be sure to buy a good house or apartment in Turkey in a few days

quite real, safe and, with our help, really simple.


How to choose square meters corresponding to all parameters abroad? Remotely it's practically

impossible to do. It is best to choose a living space on the spot: come to the resort of Alanya and take advantage of

study tour services from AYSU Property agency.


Right at the airport, a Russian-speaking manager meets you and shows you the pre-prepared, favorite

You objects, as well as alternative options suitable for your individual needs. In progress

showing the buyer without haste and fuss, learning all the advantages and features.

He finally chooses the apartment he likes or the house of his dreams.



The very next day after showing housing, you can discuss, adjust all the conditions for the acquisition

and sign a sales contract. The official document is drawn up in Russian and Turkish.

It must contain complete and reliable information about the seller, buyer, in detail

signs the payment plan (in installments or lending), the rights and obligations of the parties,

deadlines for investment in construction. Additionally, the presence of furniture, appliances, objects is indicated.

common use (infrastructure) of the residential complex, as well as penalties for both parties in case of

violations of contractual provisions and other legal nuances.


When making a 100% cost for real estate, an AYSU Property specialist applies for a TAPU

(certificate of ownership) in the name of the new owner to the state cadastral office. As a rule, from

It takes 1-2 working days to file an official application before the issuance of the main document of the owner of a home in Turkey.

Immediately after receiving the TAPU, individual electricity and water supply meters are reissued in your name,

which takes no more than 2-3 hours.



If you need mortgage lending, you need to allocate 7-10 working days from your schedule, since from the moment

4-5 days pass before the loan is issued (sometimes a little more if, for example, you have to challenge

expert value when it turned out to be lower than expected). Only after that an application for registration of TAPU is submitted,

on which an encumbrance will be imposed until the full repayment of the loan.


AYSU PROPERTY specialists accompany you at all stages of the transaction, collect a package of necessary documents,

You enjoy the purchase from the moment you choose the object and sign the contract.

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